Title: Power Struggle

Created by: Emily Forster

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: High

Description: Backstory: The immortal devil, parading as a young girl, has been secretly terrorizing the world for a long time now. The coven of witches have caught on and are now trying to save the world. The witches know that they need to figure out how and why the devil is killing her victims; they need the forensic specialist. They do find a man who seems to know of the devil's work, but the panic he spreads could damn them all. A young sensation has been sweeping the nation recently with her brilliant magic tricks, but no one else knows that her magic is real and she could help take down the devil. The office worker has been secretly training to become a ninja, so that he could easily sneak into the school to be with the Rich Man's Daughter. Little does he know that he has been trying to get in bed with the devil. Realizing the reality of the rising against her, the devil has started forming a coalition of her own. She knows that there is no help for her among the humans, so she builds herself a powerful ally- who also becomes her best friend. Sensing that defeat may be near, she must call in a godly force from her confederacy of devil worshippers on another planet. The alien noticed the growing power struggle on this planet and is now waiting behind in the shadows so that she can take over when everyone else inevitably fails.

Main Plot: The Devil's Hand

Subplot 1: Showtime of Death

Subplot 2: Witches Tea Time

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 7

Hints for Mastermind:
Henchman start suggestions: 1st loop: School, 2nd loop: City, 3rd loop: City. Loops: 1st loop: Try to win by killing the key person with the Rich Man's Daughter as soon as possible, but also be prepared in case the protagonists move people around. This gives them information, but not too much as they won't easily be able to get Goodwill abilities running. They also won't know the difference between The Devil's Hand and Secret Record after that, so use that to your advantage. If they use the Office Worker to reveal, say he is the magician. Always put +1 paranoia on the Rich Man's Daughter on Day One. Also, either put intrigue on both the School and the City or paranoia on the Forensic Specialist and intrigue/paranoia on the A.I.. 2nd loop: They probably know that the Rich Man's Daughter is a Serial Murderer and the Forensic Specialist is a Key Person. This loop, try to win by killing the Key Person via Serial Murder again or Uproar. If you can't do this, make sure the Friend dies. Or just make sure that at least 3 characters are dead by end of loop. 3rd loop: Try to get the Godly Being in the City so she can commit Faked Suicide there and guarantee that at least the Friend dies. I recommend diagonal movement on the Godly Being on Day One of loop 3. 4th loop: The protagonists know a lot at this point and it's just a matter of moves and counter-moves to figure out how to win! General Tips: Keep the Henchman paranoid, if possible, to hide culprits. Try not to let them reveal the Pop Idol, Doctor, or Boy Student. If the Pop Idol is revealed as the Magician, they will know that a Ninja is in play and thus know their plot. It is to your advantage in the Final Guess that the Witches remain hidden. Try to prevent the Confession. Remember that the Showtime of Death loss condition is harder to fulfill once the Godly being arrives in loop 3. Goodwill ability notes: The Office Worker is the Ninja, so I recommend revealing him as the Magician, so it looks like Secret Record. I honestly have no idea what craziness will happen with the A.I.'s ability. Watch out for it! The Forensic Specialist will be helpful for the Protagonists to figure out hidden roles, but his ability is expensive for them. The Pop Idol's abilities will be very helpful for the Protagonists. Try to minimize her helpfulness. They will probably find out quickly that the Boy Student has Goodwill Refusal. Don't worry about him. Have fun! Please leave comments and/or suggestions!

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Key person death, fewer than 6 characters alive at loop end, or friend dead at loop end

Special Rule:
Intrigue +2 instead has the effect of Intrigue +1 (still once per loop).

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Serial Murder Rich Man's Daughter
Day 3 Serial Murder Rich Man's Daughter
Day 4 Faked Suicide Godly Being
Day 5 Suicide Forensic Specialist
Day 6 Confession Doctor
Day 7 Uproar A.I.
Cast Role
Forensic Specialist Key Person
Godly Being (3) Cultist
Office Worker Ninja
Pop Idol Magician
Rich Man's Daughter Immortal
Henchman Conspiracy Theorist
A.I. Friend
Doctor Witch
Boy Student Witch
Journalist Person


Published by Alan Tran