Title: hal_7297108

Created by: hal_7297108's friend Max

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy


Description: We just played through a custom script this afternoon written by our regular mastermind Max (our first custom script ever!), and it worked really well. The protagonists were one completely new player, one player who had only played an intro scenario, and me who has played about 12 times. The protagonists won but it was close up until the final day of the final loop, so it might be a good script for those who are looking to play with a mixed group of new players and players who have already played the early scripts from the game. We can't think of a decent name for the script though Does anyone have any good ideas?

Main Plot: Giant

Subplot 1: A Love Affair

Subplot 2: The Hidden freak

Number of Loops: 3

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
The witch might get discovered quite early - the Pop Idol's goodwill ability is a tempting one, so her goodwill refusal will probably be outed in the first loop. Given this, Max (our mastermind) decided to try and win through intrigue on the City in day one, and spread about some intrigue and paranoia elsewhere so it wasn't too obvious.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Missing Person Boy Student
Day 4 Increasing Unease Journalist
Day 5 Hospital Incident Shrine Maiden
Day 6 Suicide Patient
Cast Role
Pop Idol Witch
Patient Lover
Boy Student Loved One
Godly Being Friend(Appears in Loop 2)
Shrine Maiden Serial Killer
Nurse Person
Journalist Person
Office Worker Person
Rich Man's Daughter Person
Class Rep Person


originally by hal_7297108 of boardgamegeek.com
Alan Tran

Published by Alan Tran