Title: Ode to Satoshi

Created by: Redless

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: 9/10

Description: If you've played the boxed scripts from Tragedy Looper and its expansions, you'll notice a certain script writer named Satoshi Sawamura. All of Satoshi's scripts are built to be puzzles; the loops are completely unwinnable but there's a way for cunning protagonists to figure out everyone's role and win the final guess. This script is like that. I hope it can approach the greatness of Mr. Sawamura and his scripts.

Main Plot: Fated Connections

Subplot 1: Witches Tea Time

Subplot 2: Love-Hate Spiral

Number of Loops: 4, maybe 5

Days per Loop: 4

Hints for Mastermind:
You want to guarantee the Rich Man's Daughter kills herself on day 4, every time. So, be sure to put paranoia on her whenever she's not at 2. If you're clever about this, you can ensure that she always becomes the key person and always dies as the key person, meaning the protagonists can never win a loop. If they don't goodwill her day 1, this means they will never learn her role. That means you just need to win loop 1. This is easily accomplished as long as they don't move someone into the hospital or move the scientist out, on day 1. My preferred day 1 move is, for that reason, putting +1 paranoia on the RMD and Pop Idol, and either moving the boy student into the city (thereby away from the RMD, making it seem like you're afraid he will remove her paranoia, while also setting up for day 3 incident) or putting +1 intrigue on the shrine. Your call, the second one is safer but the first one may be better overall. Try to get off all of the incidents you can (since you have contheorist and a single paranoia to place each day using your cards) while making the serial killer move to crowded locations so that he doesn't kill anyone else. In the end, you'll probably end up bluffing either 1. Prophet or 2. Showtime of death. The Godly Being and Alien are the people you want to bluff have those roles. For that purpose, try to ensure that they don't die, that any incidents that happen occur in a different location from them, and that you do not play cards on them. I made it so they can't mistake the mystery boy as ninja, so if they successfully 1. find all the refusal people, 2. kill all the friends, 3. colocate the prophet candidates with the incident culprits (especially RMD). They can then process of eliminate their way to the answer. DO NOT put 2 intrigue on the city or the henchman's starting location, except for the final loop (so you can't lose without losing RMD) (I usually start hench in city for the contheorist access for day 2 incident).

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Loop 1: kill the friend day 1. If you don't pull this off you're really screwed. If you fail, try not to panic, play it patiently, and you can kill patient on a later day. If you don't lose this loop, you're actually in a better spot. Other loops: kill the RMD (key person)

Special Rule:
The "forbid goodwill" card no longer forbids goodwill. The mastermind keeps it in his hand to use as a forbid movement in case the subplot is unanswered heart. The mystery boy is not the ninja.

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Suicide Pop Idol
Day 2 Suicide Henchman (fake)
Day 3 Suicide Boy Student
Day 4 Suicide Rich Man's Daughter
Cast Role
Rich Man's Daughter Obstinate
Scientist Serial Killer
Patient Friend
Boy Student Witch
Pop Idol Witch
Office Worker Conspiracy Theorist
Mystery Boy Factor
Henchman Friend
Alien Person
Godly Being (two loops from the end) Person


I was thinking of adding illusion (as a friend, instead of henchman). I was also considering switching the incidents up, but I'm unsure. I also think it might need more loops (the person I tested with is good at the game, but lost hard in 4 loops. But he was also pretty unlucky). Let me know what you think, especially if you play it.
Boy Student

When I tested this, the GB was only in for 1 loop instead of 2. I thought that was too hard.
Boy Student

I was thinking illusion over alien, and also adding doctor over office worker. I think that might work pretty well, but not completely certain. The idea is that illusion makes it easier to do certain jukes that you might want, such as putting her in the path of SK. And doctor/conth ability counteract each other, but they can also use doc to help find prophet later on. In that case, I was thinking it might be good to go back to godly being coming in for 1 loop total.
Boy Student

Published by Alan Tran