Title: Tales From The Hunt

Created by: Redless

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: VERY COMPLEX

Description: The two students sat down to tea, and told a dramatic story. It's about a man who trained in both medicine and ninjutsu, and who will use those skills to steal the organs of two special people in town. The man who works in the office knows something is afoot, but doesn't understand it. The cop, on the other hand, will stop at nothing to track down the criminal -- but can he make it in time? Finally, the alien is an incredibly powerful vigilante, able to both heal death and avenge it. But she is mentally unstable and will self-kill if the office worker gets too close.

Main Plot: Male Confrontation

Subplot 1: Love Hate Spiral

Subplot 2: Witches Tea Time

Number of Loops: 4-5

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
It might be good to wait until a later loop to get hound dog scent off, as tempting as it seems in the moment. You should forbid goodwill or bluff that you are doing so on the receptionist often, and by doing so deny them access to the second breakthrough. If you haven't revealed ninja, it might be good to save your +2 intrigue for after the breakthrough(s). Bluff that all the men are ninja, both for the purpose of intrigue on them and for the purposes of killing receptionist and/or boss. You should try to kill receptionist first for that reason. If you make it seem like you only need intrigue on the boss to get conspiracies off, you might be in a good spot. Boss/shrine maiden both have amazing abilities here, so try and forbid on them maybe. Finally, don't forget to kill the alien with suicide, when the time is ripe (both her goodwill abilities are hella good, less good if you keep corpses in the hospital of course). Diagonal move the office worker to enable this.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
2 intrigue on doctor OR kill boss/receptionist (via ninja/alien ability, serial murder, or conspiracies). I've played this once, but with HDS and suicide on opposite days. My protagonists played extremely well I think, but I also got really lucky. They got it down to witch/obstinate mixup for final guess and won. I think it's really possible to "just die" in loop.

Special Rule:
Special Rule: contains a custom character (receptionist) and an incident from cosmic mythology. The custom character is the receptionist, a paranoia-limit-2 adult woman who starts in the hospital. She cannot move to the shrine. She has one goodwill ability, which costs 3, and tells the protagonists the name of an incident that she does. If she doesn't do an incident, she has mandatory goodwill refusal regardless of her role.

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Suicide Alien
Day 2 Hound Dog Scent Shrine Maiden
Day 3 Conspiracies Doctor
Day 4 Breakthrough Police Officer
Day 5 Breakthrough Receptionist
Day 6 Serial Murder Boss
Cast Role
Boy Student Witch
Girl Student Witch
Office Worker Conspiracy Theorist
Boss Friend
Receptionist Friend
Doctor Ninja
Police Officer Obstinate
Alien Person
Shrine Maiden Person


Published by Alan Tran