Title: Blinding Darkness

Created by: Redless

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: 6/10

Description: The Shrine Maiden is trying to get signed by Netflix to make a show about throwing things out. Meanwhile, the Police Officer has decided to do a little "throwing out" of his own -- namely blowing up the hospital, an act which he believes will lead to more funding for the police department. The Doctor may make the police officer into a friend or enemy with goodwill or paranoia, and then do the opposite in the next loop. The boy student and class rep are two siblings who have developed neurosis thanks to their negligent mother; the Class Rep is fascinated with conspiracy theories and thinks everyone is against her, and the Boy Student is a hoarder who believes that every object in the world can "spark joy" and will murder anyone who he thinks might be a minimalist.

Main Plot: sign with me

Subplot 1: threads of fate

Subplot 2: increasing unease

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
You have only two roles to hide, so you'd better hide them well. Try to avoid using the conspiracy theorist's ability unless you need it, ideally only in loop 3 or 4. First loop, try and put intrigue everywhere, and get goodwill on the doctor. You can use spreading if you must, but also know that the office worker is the best person to bluff as the culprit of hospital incident. The second loop, attempt to trigger the hospital incident. The third loop, you may have to give away the identity of the shrine maiden and focus intrigue on her, if you haven't already. Finally, in the last loop, try for the hospital incident if you were lucky enough to goodwill the doctor, and otherwise you may have to reveal the conspiracy theorist. If things really take a turn for the worse, you may have to gamble on the murder being enough to save you.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
1. Blow up the hospital (2 intrigue hospital incident) 2. Intrigue on the Shrine Maiden

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Increasing Unease Doctor
Day 4 Hospital Incident Police Officer
Day 6 Spreading Office Worker
Day 7 Murder Boy Student
Cast Role
Shrine Maiden Key Person
Class Rep Conspiracy Theorist
Police Officer Person
Doctor Person
Informer Person
Office Worker Person
Journalist Person
Boy Student Person
Girl Student Person


If you play this, please give me feedback. I've playtested this twice, so this is the third iteration of the script. It's come a long way since I randomly generated the plots.
Boy Student

Published by Alan Tran