Title: A Notebook of Death

Created by: Roberta Yang

Tragedy Set: Mystery Circle

Difficulty: 4

Description: "Death Note" theme script: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1821558/hello-asking-if-anyone-can-make-cool-script-death

Main Plot: A Drop of Strychnine

Subplot 1: I am a Master Detective

Subplot 2: Isolated Institution Psycho

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 8

Hints for Mastermind:
Kira is known for killing people across great distances, but needs information about the target first. Faraway Murder would represent this perfectly, since it's location-agnostic and the Intrigue counters represent the target's name/face being exposed. Unfortunately, without a special rule, Kira can only be the culprit of one Faraway Murder. The other issue is that in Tragedy Looper, most deaths either don't matter at all (random persons) or single-handedly lose the loop (Friend/Key Person); it's hard to make a series of deaths all cumulatively relevant. So instead, I moved to the expansion tragedy set Mystery Circle for its A Drop of Strychnine main plot, which allows Intrigue to count as Paranoia for the purposes of triggering Suicide and Serial Murder incidents, and introduces the Poisoner role that kills someone after two resolved incidents and kills the protagonists after four. This fits Kira perfectly. It makes his total number of kills matter; the fact that it's considered a suicide rather than a murder represents the fact that heart attacks don't really look like murders; and by making Light the Brain (which places intrigue counters) we can make it clear that he's still ultimately responsible for the deaths. The order of the suicides was chosen to represent Light's gradual descent. First, he kills major criminals, crime bosses. Then he kills minor criminals. Then he kills people who are investigating him. Then he kills journalists who are critical of Kira. Then he kills his own father. Matsuda's Silver Bullet, cutting the loop off before Light can make one last kill personally, should need no explanation. As for why killing the Godly Being wins the loop for the Mastermind? Remember what happened in Death Note the one time Light orchestrated a shinigami's death. The Boss and Henchman aren't named characters, just obvious criminals for Light to target. The Doctor and Nurse aren't any particular characters either. They and the Therapist role are there to let the protagonists keep paranoia under control, so that the mastermind is actually using Intrigue to trigger the incidents, which fits the story better. I'm not entirely satisfied with L, who seems underused here, but I think everything else fits together well, and I'm not sure how this could be revised to give him a bigger role. Still, the Private Investigator's ability is always relevant, and it even lets him "arrest" the Boss or Henchman early in the loop. Obviously this is untested, I'm not sure how balanced it is. If it's too easy for the protagonists, maybe add A Suspicious Letter as a Day 1 incident with the Rich Man's Daughter as the culprit.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
1. Killing the Key Person Poisoner’s ability / Serial Murder 2. Killing the Friend Poisoner’s ability / Serial Murder 3. Killing the Protagonists Poisoner’s ability

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Suicide Boss
Day 3 Suicide Henchman
Day 4 Suicide Informer
Day 5 Suicide Journalist
Day 6 Suicide Police Officer
Day 7 The Silver Bullet Office Worker
Day 8 Serial Murder Mystery Boy
Cast Role
Boy Student Private Investigator
Rich Man's Daughter Poisoner
Mystery Boy Brain
Godly Being (first appears in 3rd loop) Key Person
Boss (turf in hospital) Paranoiac
Informer Person
Journalist Conspiracy Theorist
Office Worker Fool
Police Officer Therapist
Doctor Friend
Nurse Person
Henchman (starts in Shrine) Person


Published by Alan Tran