Title: First Contact

Created by: Suzu

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Description: A visitor from outer space has accidentally introduced an extraterrestrial virus into the population. Out of a sense of responsibility, she has returned to attempt to fix things before they get out of hand. Meanwhile, another Time Traveler with no connection to the protagonists is messing around with events in this timeline without understanding what she is doing - her incompetence makes the protagonists’ job much more difficult. The Conspiracy Theorist is raising everyone’s paranoia to disastrous levels - if the protagonists fail to keep the peace, things might take a deadly turn.

Main Plot: Change of Future

Subplot 1: Paranoia Virus

Subplot 2: Unknown Factor X

Number of Loops: 4-6

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
You should aim to win the first loop by activating the Factor’s Key Person ability and having her suicide on the sixth day. This leaves the second loop open for a loss through the Time Traveler or Change of Future conditions. Try to hide the existence of the Time Traveler as long as possible, but if your protagonists are still clueless after three loops, consider revealing the Time Traveler by having them survive a death incident (faraway murder or Serial Killer). Watch out for the Serial Killers - it’s easy to lose characters you want to use by accident. Be careful with your use of the Henchman’s Cultist role. Revealing him could tip your hand too early. The Nurse is a prime option for Serial Killer status - your protagonists may send characters there to take advantage of her Goodwill ability, and you can lead them to believe that she is the only Serial Killer on the board, at least for awhile. Use the Faraway Murder incident to confuse protagonists about Intrigue and whether it’s more important to keep it from stacking on characters or locations. If your protagonists are getting frustrated and having difficulty deducing any plots or roles, reveal the existence of the Factor by killing the Alien before she has the Key Person ability or by activating her as a second Conspiracy Theorist. This is a script that can easily go awry - you should aim for protagonists to discover one new thing each loop.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Butterfly Effect occurs // Fewer than 2 Goodwill on the Time Traveler (optional) // Alien with Key Person ability is killed w/ Faraway Murder or Suicide incidents

Special Rule:
6 loops with no Table Talk allowed, 4-5 with Table Talk allowed.

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Butterfly Effect Class Rep
Day 3 Increasing Unease Nurse
Day 4 Faraway Murder Informer
Day 5 Missing Person Henchman
Day 6 Suicide Alien
Cast Role
Alien Factor
Shrine Maiden Person
Henchman Cultist
Informer Person
Pop Idol Person
Office Worker Conspiracy Theorist
Nurse Person
Class Rep Person
Rich Man’s Daughter Time Traveler
Boy Student Person


Feedback is welcome and appreciated. I have yet to play test this script.

I'm guessing your script is designed towards the protagonists winning the final guess. I see three reliable win conditions for the Mastermind to get to loop four (butterfly effect, faraway murder, suicide), but not much can be done to hide the roles. Rich Man's Daughter is a primary goodwill target for the protagonists, so that win condition is almost none existent. For now, I would set the script to 4 - 5 loops with no table talk, 4 being normal, 5 being easy. You can also consider adding the Journalist, he is usually a staple for these kind of paranoia heavy scripts.

Published by Alan Tran