Title: The Vroom Leader

Created by: Justin Karp

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: Hard

Description: A vroom vroom?

Main Plot: The Sealed Item

Subplot 1: Showtime of Death

Subplot 2: Love-Hate Spiral

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
2 intrigue on Shrine Killing Friend (Girl Student) 6 or less characters alive at loop end Level 2 Hospital Incident

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Missing Person Henchman
Day 2 Serial Murder Godly Being
Day 3 Uproar Journalist
Day 4 Confession Patient
Day 5 Hospital Incident Informer
Day 6 Suicide Rich Man's Daughter
Cast Role
Journalist Brain
Police Officer Cultist
Girl Student Friend
Godly Being (2) Obstinate
Office Worker Magician
Patient Immortal
Shrine Maiden Person
Informer Person
Henchman Person
Rich Man's Daughter Person


Published by Alan Tran