Title: The Greatest Greatness

Created by: Justin Karp

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: 8/10?

Description: Idk

Main Plot: Fated Connections

Subplot 1: Witches Tea Time

Subplot 2: Love-Hate Spiral

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Key person dies from Fated Connections, Friend dies (Alien or Patient), Fake Incident

Special Rule:
New incident: Diagonal Destruction 2: Everyone in the diagonally opposite location of the culprit dies

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Missing Person Henchman
Day 2 Faked Suicide Journalist
Day 3 Suicide Patient
Day 4 Confession Class Rep (Fake Incident)
Day 5 Breakthrough Alien (Fake Incident)
Day 6 Diagonal Destruction 2 Office Worker
Cast Role
Police Officer Serial Killer
Henchman Conspiracy Theorist
Class Rep Witch
Alien Witch
Shrine Maiden Friend
Patient Friend
Office Worker Obstinate
Informer Person
Journalist Person


Published by Alan Tran