Title: They're Out to Get You

Created by: Emily Forster

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: Moderate


Main Plot: Male Confrontation

Subplot 1: Love-Hate Spiral

Subplot 2: Unsafe Trigger

Number of Loops: 3

Days per Loop: 5

Hints for Mastermind:
Mastermind secret rule: The intrigue from Increasing Unease cannot be placed on the Journalist.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
2 intrigue on Journalist at end of loop, kill Class Rep or Illusion while 2 intrigue on City via Ninja ability or Conspiracies, Fake Incident

Special Rule:
The Mastermind has a secret rule that dictates part of his/her play.

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Increasing Unease Police Officer
Day 2 Missing Person Scientist
Day 3 Conspiracies Rich Man's Daughter
Day 4 Murder Class Rep
Day 5 Uproar (Fake Incident) Forensic Specialist
Cast Role
Journalist Ninja
Rich Man's Daughter Friend
Police Officer Obstinate
Illusion Factor
Forensic Specialist Person
Scientist Person
Shrine Maiden Person
Class Rep Person
Nurse Person


Published by Alan Tran