Title: To End This World

Created by: O'Malley

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: 8/10

Description: He jumps back in time, far from the future. A pleasant and happy time, this person watched as it was ruined for him and him alone. Now, he seeks to undo it. Only one person can save this world now, and they aren't ready to take responsibility yet. They need assistance, they need support. Their destiny will be realized, one way or another.One knife, and he will rise. The future will become his, and it is ruined for the rest of humanity. All it takes is one.

Main Plot: Change of Future

Subplot 1: Unknown Factor X

Subplot 2: An Unsettling Rumor

Number of Loops: 3-4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
Too lazy right now. I'll edit later.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Too lazy right now. I'll edit later.

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Murder Henchman
Day 3 Butterfly Effect Girl Student
Day 5 Increasing Unease Godly Being
Day 6 Foul Evil Alien
Cast Role
Henchman Time Traveller
Pop Idol Cultist
Rich Man's Daughter Factor
Nurse Conspiracy Theorist
Mystery Boy Killer
Informer Person
Office Worker Person
Girl Student Person
Alien Person
Godly Being (2) Person
Shrine Maiden Person


This script is extremely difficult for the protagonists and it's almost impossible. It's very difficult to stop the Butterfly Effect from occurring, though I believe it's possible to do so with perfect information. I won as the MM from Butterfly Effect all 4 loops. There's also no way for the protagonists to figure out who the Time Traveler is unless the MM messes up.
Emily Karp

Thank you for the comment – I will adjust.

Changed the culprit for the Butterfly Effect from the RMD (who is also the Factor which allows her to place Paranoia on herself if the School has intrigue) to the Girl Student, making it much harder to trigger. In addition, swapped out the Police Officer for the Shrine Maiden so her revealing ability can help the Protagonists. Still should be difficult to discover the Henchman, but I hope it isn't AS hard. It should be easier to win in the loops but harder in the Final Guess.

Published by Alan Tran